Welcome to Bloveit

Bloveit is a date night concierge service that helps busy couples plan one awesome date night every month, at the touch of a button.

You tell us what you like and we'll plan everything out for you. It's date night like you've never experienced it before. Personalized. Seamless. Delightful.

All of the fun. All the brownie points. None of the work. For just $14.99 / month.

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How does Bloveit work?

We do 4 things to make date planning easy and magical:

  1. Recommend great local restaurants you would enjoy but haven't been to before
  2. Partner with restaurant chefs to curate unique and delicious meal combinations for you
  3. Take care of all the date planning, details, and logistics
  4. Offer great value for money

All based on your tastes, preferences, and calendar availability

Why recommend places?

To save you time

We know all the best restaurants in town.

With your preferences in mind, we do all the work of searching and researching to find the very best options that you and your date are sure to love.

Why partner with chefs?

To guarantee the best experience possible

You can't go wrong with the experts.

Imagine visiting a foreign country — would you rather use a travel guide or have a local show you around? By partnering with chefs we guarantee you'll have the best experience possible.

Why take care of the details?

So you don't have to worry about anything

All the fun with none of the work.

The last thing you want on a date is to be stressed about reservations, parking, making a good impression, etc. Let us worry about all that. All you have to do is look great and jump in an Uber.

Why offer great value?

To save you a little bit of money

Dinner dates can get pricey.

By being part of Bloveit you get a better value for money than you would walking in off the street.


What to expect:

  1. Each couple goes on 1 dinner date a month
  2. Bloveit suggests 3 restaurant recommendations for you to choose from
  3. Each restaurant recommendation comes with a curated menu just for you
  4. Pre-select and pre-purchase your meal before you get to the restaurant
  5. The Bloveit membership costs $14.99 per month to have one great date night every month

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