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General Info

What is Bloveit?

Bloveit is a date night concierge that helps busy couples plan date night in fast, easy and delightful way. We deliver a personalized date night experience just for you, so you don’t have to do any of work of searching, vetting or planning. Fill your date night profile, and a personal date night concierge will hand pick date ideas to match your tastes, preferences and budget — and send them directly to your inbox.

Our core date night experience is the dinner date and so our concierge makes personalized restaurant recommendations for you. But not only do you get curated options of where to go, your concierge also creates personalized menus of each restaurant option so you can pick what you’ll eat at the restaurant before you get there. This allows us to offer you our unique “no menu, no bill” dining experience that creates a truly VIP style feel to your date night experience.

Add “after dinner” plans (like live music, night-cap, activities or events) to your night to make it a real date night out. You can even request to schedule Uber rides to shuttle you to your date night destinations so you don’t have to worry about driving.

Bloveit is a monthly subscription service that sends you date night recommendations every month. Our concierge fee is $9.99/month.

How does Bloveit work?

1. Sign up

Here we’ll ask you for some basic information like your name, significant other’s name, and budget range. We offer two budget ranges for your dinner date night experiences:

- $90–120

- $120–175

Each budget range includes all your dinner date expenses — appetizers, entrees, drinks, dessert, tip and tax.

2. Date Night Profile

After you sign up, you’ll be prompted to fill out your Date Night Profile. This helps us understand your tastes, preferences, lifestyle, dietary restrictions and any allergies you might have. We try to understand these preferences as it relates to food, drinks, restaurants, and other date night categories, so we can make the best recommendations for you. Completing your profile should only take about 5 mins.

3. Date Night recommendations

72 hours after filling out your profile, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your first set of date night recommendations are ready for you.

4. Pick a day and time

Pick when you’re available to go on you date. We ask you to pick 2 days so one can be a backup for the other.

Then pick a time when we can make a reservation for you. We ask that you pick a least a 2hr window.

We’ll confirm which one we make a reservation for shortly after you confirm your date night plan.

5. Extra Touches

Would you like to add “after dinner” plans to your night? We call those plans “encores”. You’ll have the option to add plans like drinks, activity or event to your night. You’ll also have the option to add Uber transportation to your night. With this option, we send you text message links that automatically open your Uber app and autofill your destinations.

6. Transact on your date and you’re done

We’ll give you a summary of your date night itinerary so you know what to expect. Once you transact on your date, you’ll be all set.

How is a Bloveit date different from me planning a date myself?

Bloveit is the ultimate date night convenience. First of all, you don’t have to scour through Yelp or google to find the best restaurants in town. We’ve already done the work and the best restaurants in town are handpicked for you and delivered directly to your inbox.

Our “no menu no bill” experience is also something you won’t find anywhere else. Imagine walking into a restaurant you’ve never been to before, having your table ready and enjoying a curated dining experience without having to look at a menu. And when you’re done dining, get up and walk right out of the restaurant. No need to see the bill.

And finally, we give you the option of adding “encores” to your night to make it even more fun. All at the click of a button.

Can we do a Bloveit double date?

We currently don’t have a way for you plan double dates yourself. However, if you reach out to your concierge at [email protected], we can work with you

Who can I go to on the Bloveit team when I have questions?

If at any point you have questions, you have two options. The first is to reach out to [email protected] and a member of the Bloveit team will respond as quickly as possible. The second option is through Intercom, which can be found on the Bloveit website. If you have questions while on your date, you can always text your personal concierge by responding to the reminder text you receive on the day of your date.

What is the best way to get in touch with my concierge at Bloveit?

To ensure a quick response, please email the Bloveit team at [email protected].

What cities is Bloveit active in?

Bloveit is only live in Atlanta at the moment, but we hope to launch more cities very soon.

How do I login?

Unfortunately, we’re in the beta stage of our development and we don’t have standard user accounts at the moment. However, we’re working hard on it and will be releasing it very soon. Stay tuned!

Where are the majority of Bloveit’s restaurants located?

The majority of our restaurant partners are located in the Metro Atlanta Area, more specifically inside the perimeter. However, we plan on expanding outside of the perimeter very soon. Stayed tuned!

Are there any discounts or promotions included in Bloveit’s prices?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on your meal if you choose to plan your date on a weekday (Monday — Thursday).

Can I use Bloveit for special occasions?

Absolutely! We’ve planned multiple anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day dates. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, reach out to your concierge at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you make it memorable celebration.

Are all of the dates dinner dates? Or are there also activities?

Each Bloveit date consists of a dinner experience, however, you can add other plans to your night. We call these plans Encores. There are 4 categories of encores you an add to your dinner plans: 1) Coffee, 2) Dessert, 3) Drinks 4) Fun Activity/Event.

The fun activity/event encores include everything from comedy shows, live music/concerts, events, etc.

Subscription, Pricing & Preferences

I just signed up, now what? When will I get my first set of recommendations?

To give us time to create the perfect set of first recommendations, please allow at least 72 hours after signing up to get your first recommendations email.

Can I plan a date without a subscription?

At the moment, no. However, we’re working on releasing a new plan soon called “on-demand” where you can plan a date without a subscription. Stay tuned!

What can I expect from my Bloveit subscription?

For $9.99/month, we’ll send you date night recommendations directly to your inbox every month so you can proactively put date night on your calendar without forgetting or having to do any of the work to make it happen.

What happens if I don’t use my recommendations for the month?

If you don’t use your recommendations for the month, you will still incur the $9.99 subscription fee because your concierge has already sent your recommendations out.

Can I skip a date?

Yes you can absolutely skip a date. At the moment, we ask that you reach out to your concierge at [email protected] to let them know you’d like to skip a date. Since your recommendations already went out, you’ll still incur the $9.99 concierge fee.

Is tax included in my total date payment?

Yes. Your total payment includes food, drinks, tip AND tax.

What do the budget ranges include? What can I expect to get when I select a certain budget range?

There are two budget ranges:

$90–120 $120–175 Each budget range includes your expenses for appetizers, entrees, dessert, drinks (1 round), tip and tax. It doesn’t however include expenses for encores. Your total payment could be higher than the ranges stated if you get more than one round of drinks or a bottle of wine, or if you add an encore to your night.

Is tip included? How much?

Yes, an 18% tip is added to every dinner date and sit down encore we plan for you.

How do I cancel my Bloveit subscription?

We’re still working on building out full fledged user accounts. But in the meantime, please reach out to your concierge at [email protected] and let them know you’d like to cancel.

Date Planning (Venue, Menu, Encores, Transportation)

Can I change the date of my reservation? If so, how?

If you need to make a reservation change, please email [email protected]. You can expect a new confirmation email with your updated plans.

How do I order the same dish as my date?

As of now, that is not something Bloveit offers. That might sound a little strange however, our hope is that you and your significant other will try different dishes (and perhaps share with each other) and be able to explore more of the menu. If that really doesn’t work for you, please email your concierge and we’ll help you get your preferred menu items.

Can we get one entree to share?

At the moment, Bloveit asks that you order two seperate entrees to ensure nobody walks away hungry! If you would really prefer to share one option, please get in touch with your concierge and we’ll make note of your preference.

I just got my first set of recommendations, now what?

Follow the simple steps in the recommendations email you received to get started planning your date.

I noticed I get to pick how many rounds of drinks I want but not the specific drink. How does that work?

We work with the restaurants to pair your drink preferences with specific drinks on the restaurant’s menu. Drink menus often times change more frequently than food menus so we work with the restaurant’s staff to make drink pairings on your behalf.

I noticed that if I chose two rounds, it says it would be "more expensive". How much more am I likely paying for that extra round of drinks?

It depends on the restaurant you're planning the date for. For our lower budget restaurants you'll likely be paying $12-20 for each additional round of drinks. For our higher budget restaurants you'll likely be paying $18-25 for each additional round of drinks.

What if I only have one day/time available to schedule my next date?

Right now we ask that you select 2 days that work for you in case the restaurant is booked and we need a back up. However, if one day is particularly better than the other, then please email your concierge at [email protected] and let them know and we’ll do our best to get you your preferred day.

When will I get my next set of recommendations?* Unless you ask for a specific cadence (for example, always receiving recommendations at the beginning of the month) you will be sent a new set of recommendations 2–3 weeks after your previous date

Can I make a restaurant suggestion for my next set of recommendations?

Absolutely, please do! Before you are set to receive new recommendations (2–3 weeks after previous Bloveit date) please email [email protected] with your suggestion. If we are able to accommodate your request, you can look forward to seeing that resturant in your next recommendations email.

Something has come up and I have to reschedule my date. What do I do?

Please email [email protected], and we’ll gladly reschedule your date for you.

But please let us know by at least 11am on the day of your date. If you let us know by 11am, there will no reschedule fee. However, if you let us know after 11am on the day of your date, there will be a $25 date rescheduling fee.

We send you a reminder email 2 days before your date so please try to use that as a gauge as to whether you’ll be able to make your date night.

However, we understand that emergencies come up (sick child, fire drill at work, etc) and so we do have a one-time allowance policy. We’ll look past the first time you reschedule a date after 11am day of. But if you reschedule after 11am again, you will incur the date rescheduling fee.

Why does Bloveit charge a date rescheduling fee?

Our concierges and planners put a lot of work into planning each date, including setting everything up with our restaurant partners, their managers and staff. Rescheduling a date last minute means all that work goes to waste and undermines all the work we’ve asked our staff and restaurant partners to do on your behalf. So please help us help you. Ideally, we want you to enjoy your Bloveit dates so much that you’ll never want to reschedule ;)

How do I know what else is in the area to keep the night going?

Bloveit provides couples with what’s called an “encore card” and if you haven’t opted-in for a specific encore, suggestions of things you can do to extend your night are available there.

Why have some of the items on my curated menu changed since the first time I looked at it?

When we send a reminder-to-pick email your curated menu will be updated to match any changes on the restaurant’s menu. That way we ensure you always have the most up-to-date menu options.

What if I’m running late for my Bloveit date?

It happens! Please respond to the reminder text message and we’ll let the restaurant know.

How do I cancel or reschedule an upcoming date?

Please email [email protected] and let us know when you would like to reschedule your date. You’ll receive an updated confirmation email with your new date plans.

How does an encore work? When do I find out what encore I’m getting?

An encore is an extra plan (in addition to dinner) you add to your night to keep it going. When you’re picking your date night options you’ll have the chance to add an encore to your night. We have 4 encore categories: Coffee, Dessert, Drinks and Fun Activity/Event.

After you pick your encore category, you can also pick if you would like your encore before or after dinner. Based on your encore category selection, we can’t guarantee a “before” encore but we’ll do our best to find something that works. If we can’t find a good “before” encore, we’ll plan it for after dinner and let you know.

At the moment, the specifics of your encore (name of the venue, etc) is a surprise and you typically find out in an “after dinner” envelope at your table on the night of your date. However, if you absolutely need to know what your encore is, please reach out to our concierge at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to provide more details.

How does the Uber transportation work?

We schedule your Uber rides as a convenience to you to make your entire night smooth and effortless. We send you Uber links via text message that open your Uber app directly and pre-fill your destination so all you have to do is order your ride when you’re ready. Note: We don’t upcharge you for your Uber rides.

How long does an encore last?

It depends on what kind of encore you’re planning. If your encore is in the coffee category, it will likely be shorter than if your encore is an activity or event. Depending your encore category selection, encores can last anywhere from 1–3 hours.

Can I get an itemized receipt of what we ordered through Bloveit?

At the moment, we don’t offer itemized receipts of your order through Bloveit.


When do I receive my recommendations every month?

You receive your next set of recommendations about 18 days after your last date night. So for example, if you went on your last date on March 1st, you'll receive your next set of recommendations around March 18th.

How does Bloveit select the venues options that I receive?

We onboard and partner with only the best restaurants in town. We vet each restaurant across a number of criteria including food, drinks, ambience, service, seating, noise level, etc. Each restaurant we partner with is selected for it’s date night appeal depending on the type of date we think would be best there. We then analyze your preferences and use them to pair you up with the restaurants where we see the best fit.

How does Bloveit select the menu options that I receive?

We download and analyze each restaurant’s menu and match each dish and the ingredients in the dish with your desired tastes, preferences, dietary restrictions and any allergies you might have. Our concierge hand picks each dish to build your curated menu.

Why don’t I see the restaurant’s entire menu?*

We believe that in order to deliver a truly exceptional in-restaurant dining experience, our concierge staff can curate a menu for you and help you get all the decision making out of the way before you step into the restaurant. This way you spend your time enjoying the company of your significant other without missing anything from the menu.

How does Bloveit keep track of all the menu changes going on at the restaurants?

The day your recommendations are sent, they have already been checked to ensure they match the restaurant’s current menu offerings. If you receive a reminder email to plan your date, those menu items have been updated to ensure you have the most current menu selections.

I checked the box that it’s OK to sub in another item if one of my selections isn’t available, but what happens if that’s the case? Will bloveit tell me so that I can select something else? If so, will you check against our preference profile to make sure you pick something that fits our preferences?

If something you’ve order has to be substituted, your server will make the substitution on your behalf ahead of time based on your preference profile. But you do have the opportunity to change their selection when they give you the rundown of your menu at the beginning of your date. After hearing it, if you’d still like to select something different, feel free to ask for a menu. No hard feelings ;)

When substitutions are made, how do I know that the restaurant will take my dietary restrictions and preferences into account?

The server and the chef are given your preference profile to ensure that all dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences are taken into account. We also ask the server to inform you as they give you the dish descriptions that they know of your aversions. That way you can confidently dine and know that whatever has been selected for you will be something you will enjoy.

Restaurant Experience

What if I’d like to order an extra round of drinks at the restaurant? Can I do that? If so, how?

Feel free to order more drinks or make any additions you’d like during your date. We will reconcile any additions or substitutions you make and charge it to the card you have on file after your date, so don’t worry about pulling out your card to pay for anything.

How do I know the date is over?

Your server will close the night with you after you finish your final course. No bill will be presented since everything has been paid for already (including the tip). Your server will thank you for dining with them and you can leave whenever you feel comfortable.

I noticed that Bloveit recommends specific appetizers, entrees and dessert for me, but no drinks. How does the drinks recommendations work?

We’ve found that cocktail menus change even more frequently than food menus and so we make the selections for you to avoid you picking a specific drink that may not be available on the night of your date. We’ve also found we’re able to better work with the restaurants’ staff to pair your dishes with the best drink selections.

What if I don’t like the drink Bloveit ordered for me?

Feel free to substitute drinks or anything else you don’t enjoy while dining. If you don’t like the sound of something when your server gives you the rundown of your menu selections at the beginning of your date, you can change it then. If you have the first taste and it’s not what you hoped, let them know and you can select something else. We want you to have the best possible experience, so please don’t suffer through a drink or a dish.

What I got in the restaurant isn’t what I originally ordered through Bloveit?

Since the best restaurants source the freshest ingredients daily and are subject to what is available from their vendors, their dishes change often (sometimes daily). This means there may be times when items you order with us are not available for your date. If something is no longer on their menu we select the best possible alternative based on your preferences.

I’ve received some free goodies (appetizers, desserts or drinks) on some of my dates. Did I pay for that?

We like to surprise and delight our couples whenever possible, so whether it’s a special occasion, your first Bloveit date, or just a Tuesday night — we may send an extra round of drinks, a Champagne Toast, or a complimentary appetizer your way because we think you’re pretty cool.

What happens if I want to order something off the menu in addition to what we ordered through Bloveit?

During your dining experience, you can definitely add something off the menu in addition to your Bloveit order. We only ask that you allow us to take care of the bill and refrain from paying separately. We have our card on file with the restaurant already, and they are primed to provide you with a no bill experience. So if any additions or substitutions are made we will reconcile it on our end to ensure a smooth process for you and the restaurant.

Can we change our order at the restaurant?

Definitely, if something doesn’t sound good to you when your sever gives the rundown at the beginning of your date, feel free to change or add anything you would like and we will reconcile the costs differences on our end.